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Protecting my company's assets

We can help arrange coverage for your critical buildings, equipment and commercial vehicles. Also, protect your physical inventory and digital data with our general insurance coverage.


Protecting my directors, officers & employees

Death, disability, illness or even a mistake made by an employee or officers can weigh heavily on you emotionally and on your business financially. Review our personal and liability insurance protection for the directors, officers and employees who make up your team.

UNI Insurance for local communities

UNI Financial Cooperation is a New Brunswick institution that returns its profits its members. Essentially, UNI enriches communities by helping local families and businesses protect their assets and by offering donations and sponsorships. UNI Insurance is a component of this institution.

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Meet with one of our advisors to review all aspects of your enterprise and build a coverage that meets your needs. Plan for the long-term success of your business project!

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